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Created by The Chef's Table 

travel dinner BoxES

Themed Dinner Boxes that "travel" to a new location weekly.

Experience a new, or maybe familiar to you, area of the world each week with an international menu carefully crafted by our chefs also accompanied by a complimentary educational component for each location!



During the pandemic, we, like most companies in the food industry, were forced to pivot.  We began by offering "Ding, Dong, Ditch" style meals delivered right to our client's doorsteps. However, we missed the creativity provided by planning events. As a family-based company, we were also struggling with remote learning and the desire to provide educational experiences for our kids.   We hatched the idea of creating a Mexican themed dinner box for Cinco de Mayo paired with playlists, decor suggestions and simple educational materials to allow families to create a fun learning-based activity at home. The dinner box was so well received and we had so much fun planning it, that we decided to continue our travels!  


We hope that you will join us as we explore our world, one destinaton dinner at a time!



Select Weekly Travel Dinner Box designed for family of 4. 

On Thursday, your Travel Dinner Box will be available for pick-up between 11:30am-4:00pm and out for delivery between 11:00am-3:00pm.  You will also receive an email and hard copy of the detailed reheating instructions.

The Wednesday before, you will receive an email with the  educational links and digital reheating instructions.

Follow the reheating instructions,

set your table, cue the playlist and enjoy your trip! 

Be sure to #traveldinnerboxes and tag @thechefstable when sharing your meal!


What Travelers have to say;

2023 Travel Box Cover Sheets  (1).png

"...the Madagascar was amazing. Even my super picky 7 year old daughter devoured the chicken dish and asked if we could have it every week. Looking forward to Argentina next week."

"I am a very happy consumer of your Travel Dinner Boxes-- we have had the greek and the Brazilian-- and they were both FABULOUS! What a great way to entertain-- great flavored food and minimal kitchen time. Thank you-- and I hope you will have more of these in the near future!"

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