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From the beginning...

Twenty years ago, The Chef's Table was founded on the simple idea that relationships between family and friends flourished around the dinner table.  Over the years, our business model changed to include larger events, but our core belief in the power of food to connect people has remained steadfast.  When the pandemic changed family routines for everyone last Spring we were forced, we like to say challenged, to reimagine our business.  


Our Travel Dinner Boxes began with with Mexico in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.  At the time, we were all feeling a little cooped up and isolated, and frankly, we were missing the creative challenges provided by events.  We channeled our creative energy into providing a meal that reflected the flavors of Mexican cuisine and provided educational and cultural resources to design an immersive experience.  We had a blast and continued with 7 more countries during the spring.  


When summer arrived, we decided it was time to "hit the road" and we began the #GreatAmericanFoodTrip where we "traveled" to 7 states, cities and regions across the United States.


Get your passports ready!


As the days get shorter and we look ahead to months of continued social distancing, we are aiming to bring different cultures and experiences to your doorstep through our second International Travel Dinner Box series.  We empathize with all of the families who are juggling remote or hybrid learning this year and are trying to find ways to supplement with educational activities.  Each week we will create a unique dinner experience for you and your family that explores a different country and culture.