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Japanese Inspired Tea Party - Matcha Cookies with Strawberry Royal Milk Tea

Welcome back to our travels. As you may remember, tea is a common drink in Japan that is served with every meal. Two of the most common tea drinks are green teas and black teas which come in a variety of different forms. Green teas include ryokucha, matcha, konacha, hojicha, and genmaicha. Black teas include oolongcha, kocha, and jasmine-cha.

Another popular drink is called royal milk tea, which can be found in vending machines, convenient stores, and more. What makes royal tea special is that it is made with equal parts water to milk, and is simmered with either loose leaf or bagged tea, and it transforms into a creamy drink that is sweet and delicious, even kids love it! It can be enjoyed as is, or you can add honey to it too. It also comes in the form of instant, which makes the tea that much simpler to make. These teas are typically paired with different meals, but today we are going to enjoy instant strawberry, royal tea with matcha cookies! Consider this a Japanese inspired tea party, and get ready to enjoy the experience with your family.

You'll likely need to order the royal milk tea online unless it is available in your grocery store. We recommend an instant, strawberry, Royal Milk tea to enjoy these cookies with from Amazon. The Strawberry Nitto Instant Milk Tea can be ordered on Amazon for $14.99 and comes with 10 individual packets, yielding 10 servings of tea. Enjoy this Japanese inspired tea party with your family and allow the matcha and strawberry flavors to transport you to Japan.

Before you can enjoy your tea party, you'll need to start by making matcha cookies with the recipe down below. Matcha commonly pairs well with any strawberry flavor, so for these cookies we have selected an instant, strawberry, Royal Milk tea to enjoy these cookies with. Follow the matcha cookie and tea recipes below.



What else is missing? Music! Japan is known for various instruments such as the Shakuhachi, the Koto, the Sanshin, the Shamisen, the Biwa, and the Taiko. Most of all of these instruments are used in traditional Japanese instrumental music. We recommend the Japanese Instrumental Music Playlist by Dawid Wypychowski on Spotify to enhance the ambiance and experience learning about the Japanese culture in your tea party!

Want to be featured in our online traveling blog? Send in pictures of your matcha cookie and strawberry royal milk tea party with your family to enter into our Summer Series contest. Winners will be announced at the end of the summer!

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