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Recycling Banker Boxes

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

If you have ordered a Travel Dinner Box before, and ESPECIALLY if you have a subscription, you know each week comes in a new Banker Box perfectly fitting of all items for that weeks menu. Rightfully so, we have gotten multiple questions on if we can reuse the boxes and trust us - we wish we could!!

We went through multiple different packing measures, as I am sure you can remember if you started this journey with us way back in the beginning of May, and have found this so far to be the most efficient, organized and "green" way we can do it with what we have.

We share the concern of waste, so we continue to try and pull together creative ways to repurpose the boxes into something new. These ideas could be useful for both adults and children, ranging from new office storage to a fun rocket ship to fly around in.

Check out our Pinterest board for all the ideas we have come across and we will continue to add on more as we find them. Have you thought of ways to use them that you don't see? Let us know and send a photo, we would love to add it to our list!

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