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Week 1: Travel to Japan Educational Component

Welcome to Week 1: Travel to Japan!

Enjoy your Japanese dinner box packed with some of The Chef's Table's favorite Japanese dishes. To accompany your dinner, below is a complimentary list of some playlists, activities and translations to transform your home into Japan for the full travel experience!

- Be sure to tag @thechefstable in any posts of your meal as well as the craft included in

your box!


For the Kids

Common Words/Phrases

Hai: Yes

Lie: No

O-negai shimasu: Please

Arigatō: Thank you

Dōitashimashite: You're Welcome

俎板の上の鯉 : "A carp on a cutting Board"

- When you're totally helpless and there's nothing you can do about the situation.

*The Chef's Table is not affiliated with above links - selected through research to accompany our Travel to Brazil Dinner box*

Click below to download your certificate of completion for Week 1: Japan!

Japan Certificate
Download PDF • 646KB

The Chef's Table



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