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Week 2: Travel to Switzerland Educational Component

Welcome to Week 2: Travel to Switzerland!

Enjoy your Switzerland dinner box packed with authentic cuisine. To accompany your dinner, below is a complimentary list of some playlists, activities and translations to transform your home into Switzerland for the full travel experience!

- Be sure to tag @thechefstable in any posts of your meal as well as the craft included in

your box!


Swiss Made *contains some explicit songs*:

For the Kids

Common Words/Phrases

Wilkomme: Welcome

Grüezi: Hello

Wie Goots? : How are you

Viel Glück: Good luck

Es duet mir leid: I'm sorry

Proscht: Cheers! But make sure to keep eye contact as you cheers or else it is considered bad luck!

*The Chef's Table is not affiliated with above links - selected through complimentary research to accompany our Travel to Switzerland Dinner box*

Menu Details from Head Chef Mark:

- Raclette Cheese Fondue: Raclette was first mentioned way back in the 13th century, while the first fondue recipe pops up much later in 1699.

- Chicken & Apple Sausage with White Onion Gravy: These gently browned and then steamed sausages sliced into coins are always cooked in with the onions and gravy. The stewing of the sausage with the gravy is what makes this recipe a star on any Swiss table!

- Mushroom Polenta finished with Demi Glaze: If you cross the Alps and land in the Italian speaking part os Switzerland, then we have no doubt you will get to enjoy the traditional Swiss-Italian meal - polenta. This version commonly found in the Swiss alps is served with fried mushrooms.

Click below to download your certificate of completion for Week 2: Switzerland!

Switzerland Certificate
Download PDF • 1.14MB

The Chef's Table


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