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Week 3: Travel to Mexico Educational Component

Welcome to Week 3: Travel to Mexico!

Enjoy your Mexico dinner box packed with authentic cuisine. To accompany your dinner, below is a complimentary list of some playlists, activities and translations to transform your home into Mexico for the full travel experience!

- Be sure to tag @thechefstable in any posts of your meal as well as the craft included in

your box!


Top Mexican Music 2021 *contains some explicit songs*:

For the Kids

Common Words/Phrases

Por Favor: Please "pohr fah-BOHR"

Gracias: Thank you "GRAH-see-ahs"

De Nada : You're Welcome "day-NAH-thah"

Hasta Luego: See you later "AHS-tah LWAY-goh"

Cómo estas?: How are you? "KOH-moh ays-TAHs"

*The Chef's Table is not affiliated with above links - selected through complimentary research to accompany our Travel to Mexico Dinner box*

Menu Details from Head Chef Mark:

- Grilled Four Cheese Quesadilla: Served with Pico de Gallo, which translates to beak of the rooster. This name came from how it is traditionally eaten by pinching the salsa with your forefinger and thumb, creating a beak like shape.

- Beef Chili: Our pastry chef Maria has always blown us away with all of her desserts, but she also makes many of the meals we stock at our storefront Cured. She has perfected this chili recipe that we often sell there. Slowly stewed tomatoes, onions, peppers and large kidney beans with fresh ground lean beef, always finished off with cured's signature blend of chili's along with cilantro and salsa.

- Black Beans and Rice: A type of dish made from a combination of staple foods in countless cultures across the world. In Mexico, the grain and legume combination with "sofrito," base sauce for much of Mexican cooking, provide several important nutrients and easy enough with both foods being so widely available ! Rice and beans are vegan and together, make up a complete protein.

- Mexican Hot Chocolate Pie: Traditionally named Abuelita, which is an affectionate Spanish word for grandma, direct translation to "little grandmother" or "granny." This dish is often prepared for special occasions, such as Day of the Dead, a holiday which people remember their family and friends whose spirits have gone to the afterlife and for Las Posadas, Christmas season.

- Montezuma's Revenge Punch - while this non-alcoholic version is just as good as is, if you are looking for an extra punch, add some Jose Cuervo!

Click below to download your certificate of completion for Week 3: Mexico!

Mexico Certificate
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The Chef's Table


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