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Week 6: Travel to Taiwan Educational Component

Welcome to Week 6: Travel to Taiwan!

Enjoy your Taiwan Dinner Box packed with authentic cuisine. To accompany your dinner, below is a complimentary list of some playlists, activities and translations to transform your home into Taiwan for the full travel experience!

- Be sure to tag @thechefstable in any posts of your meal and enjoying your activity! We love seeing all your personal spins of setting up for your night of travel.


For the Kids

- Similar to the number 13 being unlucky here, in Taiwan it is the number 4. Read about this and more! ^

Common Words/Phrases

Welome: 歡迎光臨 *hoan-gêng kong-lîm*

How are you?: 你好無? *lí hó-bò*

Bon Appetit: 食福 *chia̍h hok* - Eat well, enjoy good food

Cheers! Good Health!: 乾杯! *kan poe/pe!*


*The Chef's Table is not affiliated with above links - selected through complimentary research to accompany our Travel to Taiwan Dinner box*

Menu Details from Head Chef Mark:

- Bao Buns with Hoisin Braised Pork Belly & Coriander Toasted Peanuts: A Taiwan street food favorite. Gua Bao, also known as pork belly buns "bao", is a type of lotus leaf bn from Fuzhou, with similar variants found elsewhere.

- Sweet n Sour Chicken with Water Chestnuts, Bok Choy & Mushrooms: There are many variations of Taiwan sweet and sour sauce. Some use tomato sauce while others just use vinegar and sugar directly. We try to keep to the more traditional style found in local restaurants in Taiwan.

- Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes: Pronounced "Feng Li Su" in Taiwan, these buttery, shortbread like cookies encase a pineapple filling. Often served and gifted for Lunar new Year - perfect timing!

Click below to download your certificate of completion for Week 6: Taiwan

Taiwan Certificate
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The Chef's Table


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