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Winter Series #2 - Week 1: Travel to Greece

Welcome to our first week of the series; we have touched down in Greece!

Enjoy your Greece Dinner Box packed with authentic cuisine. To accompany your dinner, below is a complimentary list of some playlists, activities and translations to transform your home into Greece for the full travel experience!

- Be sure to tag @thechefstable in any posts of your meal and enjoying your activity! We love seeing all your personal spins of setting up for your night of travel.


For the Kids

Common Words/Phrases

Good afternoon/evening: Καλησπέρα (kah-lee-SPER-ah)

My name is... : Με λένε (may LEH-neh)

Cheers!: Στην υγειά μας! (STIN-eh YAH-mas)

What's up/How's it going?: Τι λέει (tee-LEI)

So good/so cool: και γαμώ (kay-gaMOU)

*The Chef's Table is not affiliated with above links - selected through complimentary research to accompany our Travel to Greece Dinner box*

Click below to download your certificate of completion for Week 1: Greece

Greece Certificate
Download PDF • 1.85MB

The Chef's Table


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