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Frequently asked questions


1. How many people will the Travel Dinner Box feed?

We plan the boxes for a family of 4, including two adults and two smaller appetites.  Some items in the box are meant to be tasting potions, which we will be sure to call out on the menu, other items will be larger, full servings.  If you need more servings for your family, we suggest ordering an additional box. 


2. Do you offer Travel Dinner Boxes for 2? 

Unfortunately, in order to keep the boxes cost effective and efficient, we are unable to offer smaller boxes at this time. However, we have received feedback and several photos of client’s that have enjoyed the boxes when sharing with friends!


3. Do your menus include Gluten Free options? 

Yes, all of our Gluten Free options are clearly marked with an *. If you have any additional questions, you can call our office at 781-826-3320.


4. Are you able to customize your Travel Dinner Box? 

Unfortunately, due to the volume of Travel Dinner Boxes this is not something we are able to accommodate.


5. How much cooking is involved once I receive my box?

We do all of the prep work and will give you all the re-heating instructions and components to make finishing your meal as easy as possible. However, numerous studies have shown that kids are more likely to try new foods if they are involved in preparing them, so we try to incorporate one interactive element in each box. In previous travels, participating junior chefs have helped to pipe chocolate mousse into giant fortune cookies (Japan), stuff raviolis (Italy), and create bananas foster crepes (Louisiana).


6. My kids are picky - will they find enough to eat?

Oh, we have been there! Getting kids to try new foods can be tricky, but it is one of the greatest ways to introduce them to new cultures. Most cuisines offer variations of familiar foods; rice, pasta, chicken, desserts and we aim to include something that they can relate to in each box.  


7. Why do some weeks not include a drink?

In order to make sure the boxes stay as affordable as possible, we vary the "extras" that come with each dinner.  Your box will always include an appetizer, at least one entree, sides and, a dessert. Rotating items may include a virgin beverage; with suggested alcohol pairings for those ready for an adult treat, a small activity, or a trinket representative of that country.


8. Is there a discount if I order Multiple Travel Dinner Boxes?

Yes! If you order multiple Travel Dinner Boxes, an automatic discount will be applied at check out:

Spend $255, Get $15 OFF

Spend $425, Get $50 OFF

Spend $595, Get $105 OFF

Spend $765, Get $180 OFF


9. Do you offer Gift Cards for Travel Dinner Boxes? 

Yes, our “Current Itinerary” section includes information on our Travel Dinner Box Gift Cards, or you can call our office at 781-826-3320.


10. Is Delivery available? How much is Delivery? 

Delivery is available within our 25 mile radius. The cost of each delivery is between $15-$25, depending on location. Multiple Delivery Travel Dinner Box orders will incur additional delivery charges and all delivery charges must be paid prior to the delivery date.

Additional questions?


p: 781-826-3320

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